I had a vision for a kombucha brewery before I had ever made a single batch. In fact, I didn’t even like kombucha. Highly unlikely, I know, but true nonetheless.

In the darkest season of my life, God sought me out. I didn’t understand it all, nor could I imagine the beauty of life and community He would bring from this place of ruin. Am I the right girl? I didn’t have all the answers or the resources. I had no idea how it would unfold, but I was asked, so I said YES!

I began researching and brewing in my home kitchen. Over the next 18 months, with God + an incredible support team of family, mentors, and friends, Undone Kombucha came to life in March 2017. We began using a shared kitchen space at Orchards Restaurant in Chambersburg. We launched that summer at Northsquare Farmer’s Market, building relationships with other local businesses, who became retail partners. In late 2017, we purchased a building with a vision to grow and expand, opening our storefront in 2018. In early 2022, we expanded our line of ferments to include Water Kefir.

What a wild adventure it’s been. What beautiful and brilliant people we are surrounded by, continually bringing this vision to life. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you, and excited that our best days are ahead of us!

Mission + Vision

Undone exists to craft outstanding ferments while cultivating growth and community to awaken and inspire fullness of life.

Our Team

Hope Bigler

Aspiring Artisan

Bill and Emma Berger

Founding and Relentless Support

Adam Haller

Brewer and Flavor Engineer

Jenn Hart

Taproom Lead and Mixologist

Dr. John Richardson

Fermentation Scientist

Ingrid Ashley

Taproom Host

Ella Gross

Production Team

Ellen Kroepil

Wholesale and Inventory

Lee Garman

Surfer Scientist